Detroit 19



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FINAL 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
1st Quarter
Drive: 13 plays, 72 yards in 6:44
Key Plays:
  Harrington 26-yard pass to Vines to Detroit 39
  K Jones 13-yard run to Tennessee 38
  Harrington 4-yard pass to Bryson on 3rd-and-2 to Tennessee 26
  Offsides penalty on K Carter on 4th-and-3 puts ball on Tennessee 14
2nd Quarter
Drive: 10 plays, 75 yards in 4:49
Key Plays:
  Harrington 16-yard pass to Alexander to Detroit 43
  Harrington 7-yard pass to Swinton on 3rd-and-2 to Tennessee 42
  Harrington 14-yard pass to Swinton on 4th-and-3 to Tennessee 21
Drive: 11 plays, 90 yards in 4:36
Key Plays:
  Volek 19-yard pass to Mason to midfield
  Volek 13-yard pass to Troupe on 3rd-and-7 to Detroit 34
3rd Quarter
Drive: 7 plays, 67 yards in 3:22
Key Plays:
  Harrington 27-yard pass to K Jones to Tennessee 48
  Harrington 29-yard pass to R Williams to Tennessee 13
Drive: 6 plays, 80 yards in 2:25
Key Plays:
  Volek 24-yard pass to Troupe to Tennesee 44
  Smith 43-yard run to Detroit 13
  7-yard pass interference penalty on Lions' Marion on 3rd-and-7 to Detroit 3
4th Quarter
Drive: 8 plays, 46 yards in 3:45
Key Plays:
  Volek 13-yard pass to Mason to Tennesse 45
  D Johnson 33-yard pass Troupe to Detroit 24
Drive: 10 plays, 82 yards in 3:39
Key Plays:
  Harrington 14-yard pass t0 Vines to Detroit 37
  Harrington 9-yard pass to Alexander to midfield
  Harrington 17-yard pass to Alexander to Tennessee 19
Lions Att Cmp Yds Td Int Lg
Harrington, Joey49333462129
Titans Att Cmp Yds Td Int Lg
Volek, Billy28161751032
Johnson, Doug52420033
Lions Att Yds Avg Lg Td
Jones, Kevin19723.8130
Bryson, Shawn5183.650
Harrington, Joey2136.570
Titans Att Yds Avg Lg Td
Smith, Antowain21894.2431
Fleming, Troy382.730
Johnson, Doug2-2-1.000
Lions Rec Yds Avg Lg Td
Bryson, Shawn9637.0220
Alexander, Stephen66611.0170
Williams, Roy46215.5291
Jones, Kevin44411.0270
Swinton, Reggie3258.3140
Vines, Scottie24020.0260
Schlesinger, Cory22311.5211
Kircus, David2189.0120
Fitzsimmons, Casey155.050
Titans Rec Yds Avg Lg Td
Troupe, Ben47518.8330
Mason, Derrick44812.0190
Smith, Antowain3165.390
Fleming, Troy3124.090
Bennett, Drew25025.0321
Berlin, Eddie11111.0110
Kinney, Erron155.050
Tackles-Solo-Assists Sacks-Yds (unofficial)
Lions T S A Sk-Yd
Lehman, Teddy13760-0
Rogers, Shaun8440-0
Holmes, Earl6420-0
Marion, Brock5500-0
Lewis, Alex5320-0
Hall, James4310-0
Walker, Bracy4220-0
Redding, Cory4220-0
Cash, Chris3210-0
Holt, Terrence3210-0
Bly, Dre2200-0
Smith, Keith2110-0
Davis, James2020-0
DeVries, Jared1100-0
Goodman, Andre1100-0
Bell, Marcus1010-0
Titans T S A Sk-Yd
Kassell, Brad181350-0
Bulluck, Keith13941-10
Nickey, Donnie7610-0
Waddell, Michael6420-0
Beckham, Tony5500-0
Haynesworth, Albert4310-0
LaBoy, Travis4310-0
Dyson, Andre4220-0
Hall, Carlos3301-5
Schobel, Bo3210-0
Ena, Justin3210-0
Carter, Kevin3120-0
Thompson, Lamont3120-0
McGarrahan, Scott3120-0
Odom, Antwan2110-0
Long, Rien1100-0
Amato, Ken1100-0
Starks, Randy1100-0
Lions INT Yds Avg Lg Td
Titans INT Yds Avg Lg Td
Dyson, Andre14343.0430
Lions No. Yds Avg TB In20 Lg
Harris, Nick521543.00260
Titans No. Yds Avg TB In20 Lg
Hentrich, Craig623939.80252
Punt Returns
Lions No. Yds Avg Lg Td
Swinton, Reggie155.050
Titans No. Yds Avg Lg Td
Berlin, Eddie461.540
Kickoff Returns
Lions No. Yds Avg Lg Td
Swinton, Reggie36923.0320
Trejo, Stephen122.020
Titans No. Yds Avg Lg Td
McAddley, Jason48020.0250
Lions XP/XPA FG/FGA Dist(Made/Fail)
Hanson, Jason1/12/226 26 
Titans XP/XPA FG/FGA Dist(Made/Fail)
Anderson, Gary3/31/240 27 
Lions No. Lost Forced O D
Harrington, Joey11000
Titans No. Lost Forced O D
Bulluck, Keith00101
Referee- Ed Hochuli, Umpire- Steve Wilson, Head linesman- Mark Hittner, Line judge- Tom Symonette, Field judge- Tom Sifferman, Side judge- Al Riveron, Back judge- Scott Helverson
Attendance - Time
68,932 ; 3:13
Team Statistics LionsTitans
First downs2315
3rd-Down Efficiency5 - 155 - 13
4th-Down Efficiency1 - 20 - 0
Total Net Yards434312
Total Plays7759
Average Gains5.65.3
Net Yards Rushing10395
Average Per Rush4.03.7
Net Yards Passing331217
Completed-Attempted33 - 4918 - 33
Yards Per Pass6.56.6
Sacked-Yards Lost2 - 150 - 0
Had Intercepted10
Punts-Average5 - 43.06 - 39.8
Return Yardage549
Punts-Returns1 - 54 - 6
Kickoffs-Returns4 - 714 - 80
Interceptions-Returns0 - 01 - 43
Penalties-Yards6 - 527 - 50
Fumbles-Lost1 - 10 - 0
Time Of Possession32:5827:02


After a strong start, the Detroit Lions ended the season like they had the previous three campaigns - with consecutive road losses.

Billy Volek threw for 175 yards and a touchdown and Antowain Smith added 105 total yards and a score as the Tennessee Titans finished a disappointing season with a 24-19 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Beginning 2004 with three straight road wins, including a season-opening 20-16 victory at Chicago that broke an NFL-record 24-game road losing streak, the Lions (6-10) lost their last five away from home. Last season, Detroit went 0-8 on the road in coach Steve Mariucci's first year.

"Every game it seems on the road has come down to the last drive," Mariucci said. "We need to be on the other side of this and make the plays in the end and stick it in the end zone or stop them or whatever it is in the final possession of the game in order to win these close games. That's what we need to learn."

Expected to contend for the AFC South title, Tennessee (5-11), which went 14-3 at home, including a playoff win, over the previous two seasons, finished 2-6 at home this season.

"It is an opportunity to push through the next couple of months," said Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher about ending with a win. "They wanted it very badly, and they earned it and they deserve it."

Trailing 10-7 late in the second quarter, Volek led the Titans on an 11-play, 90-yard drive that was capped by a 32-yard touchdown pass to Drew Bennett. He added a 23-yard strike to rookie tight end Ben Troupe in the third. Smith added a 43-yard run on the same drive and scored a two-yard touchdown, giving Tennessee a 21-13 lead after three.

"His big run was a big change of field position for us," said Fisher about Smith. "That was tough to do against that defense, but he found a way to do it. He was a big part of the offense today."

At the start of the fourth, Volek, filling in again for injured Steve McNair, was forced to leave the game with a shoulder sprain. He finished 16-of-28, ending the season with 1,204 yards and nine touchdowns in his last four games.

"It's sore," said Volek about his shoulder. "They said its separated. Level three or grade three, whatever that means."

Detroit clawed back into the game after a 17-yard TD catch by rookie sensation Roy Williams with 4:06 remaining. After holding Tennessee without a first down, Joey Harrington led the Lions deep into Tennessee territory in the final minute, but could not complete a 4th-and-3 play from the 17-yard line as safety Donny Nickey broke up a pass intended for Williams.

"For the defense to make a play to win the game is a great way to finish up," Fisher said. "That is going to carry us for a while."

The defense opened up the scoring for Tennessee when linebacker Keith Bulluck picked up a fumble by Harrington and returned it 39 yards for a touchdown five minutes into the game. He finished with nine solo tackles, including a sack.

"In a lot of ways, that was the difference," Fisher said. "Because of the injuries and so forth, we've asked (Keith) to do so much and he really had a great year."

Harrington finished 33-of-49 for 346 yards and two touchdowns and rookie Kevin Jones rushed for 72 yards for Detroit, which improved one game on its 2003 record.

"It's frustrating," Harrington said. "You look back through the course of the game and pick out five or six plays that we could have, should have, would have made a difference but you never know whey they are going to come up."

Jones, who became the third Lions rookie to rush for 1,000 yards in a season last week, finished with 1,133 overall.

"I think we're getting to a point where we can probably draft and not count on all of our rookie class to be starting like we have been over the last couple of years," Mariucci said about the future of the Lions. "I don't think we are going to count on our rookies to be playing as our rookies of this class has, which is good. So there is a lot of growth that needs to take place."

Scott's Game Commentary:

The honolulu blue and silver concluded their fourth straight losing season in typical fashion! They lost yet another game in the closing minutes. But, losing was a good thing since the Lions now get the 10th pick in the NFL draft. Still, they lost to an injury riddled team that had only one victory at home the entire year. Joey Harrington, for the 2nd straight game, committed a turnover that resulted in a touchdown. With the Lions down 11 in the 4th quarter, Harrington threw an interception that looked would seal any chance of a comeback. Shaun Rogers, who just signed the biggest contract for a defensive tackle in NFL history, came up with the pivotal block. The Lions scored a touchdown to pull within five. After getting the ball back, they marched down the field and had a 2nd and 3 at the Titans 16. Three incomplete passes later, the Lions were wondering how yet another game slipped away in the final minute. Afer starting off the year with a 3-0 road record, the honolulu blue and silver went on to lose five straight on the road. If there is any consolation, they were in all five of those games with a few minutes to go. This season can be best summed up as what might have been. An 8-8 record was good enough this year to make the playoffs in the NFC. As I said in week one, the loss of Charles Rogers would come back and haunt the Lions. Still, this was the first time in four years where they were not injured week in and week out and had the talent to reach the .500 plateau.


*Offense: --- C-. Season: D-. Harrington put up 346 yards, but had a fumble that was returned for a touchdown. In his third season at the helm of the honolulu blue and silver, he took a step backwards and can only wonder what his future will be in Detroit if he has another mediocre season. Yes, the wide recivers dropped too many passes, but more times than not Harrington was like a dear caught in head lights. Throwing only three touchdowns in over seven games in the 2nd half is not going to cut it! I can only hope the Lions get a quality backup here to push Harrington next season. We are stuck with him another season and can only hope he wakes up like San Diego's Drew Brees did! As for the wide receivers, Hakim and Streets were injured more than they were healthy. Hakim may come back if he agrees to a big salary cut. In his four years in Detroit, he has fallen far short of expectations. Roy Williams had a decent game against Tennessee, but for most of the season was hampered with a bad ankle. Kevin Jones had 72 yards and gave some life to an offense that desperately needed a running back they can rely on every week. The offensive line was a major disappointment this year and we can all bid farewell to another 1st round bust: Stockar McDougle. He will command more money than he's worth and should be easily replaced. As for the tight ends, Stephen Alexander had a miserable season. He was brought here to catch balls, not drop them. All in all, the Offense barely gets by without a failing grade thanks to the emergence of a running game.

*Defense: --- C-. Season: D+. There are no excuses to give up 17 points to a team that was decimated with injuries. The secondary was a major disappointment his year and I hope the Lions use a high round pick to address this need. Brock Marion turned out to be nothing but a mediocre safety that is passed his prime. Dre Bly was hampered with injuries most of the year and came no where close to his sucess last season. On a bright note, Shaun Rogers emerged as one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. He was rightfully rewarded with a big contract extention thus avoiding the franchise tag he would have gotten. Teddy Lehman had a great rookie year and should be even better next season. If the secondary played up to its preseason billing, the Defense would have fared much better this season. Still, you cannot overlook all the late fourth quarter collapses that are just inexcusable!

*Special Teams: --- B. Season: C. Hanson missed a chip shot field goal, but got a second chance later on after Tennessee was called for offsides. The Lions resigned Nick Harris for three more years. Sorry, but I have no clue what Millen sees in this mediocre punter. Shaun Rogers had another great block that helped keep the Lions in the game. His block in week 1 led to the Lions beating the Bears. Rogers is a force on special teams and on defense. The loss of Eddie Drummond for the 2nd straight year hurt the return game. Reggie Swinton struggled as his replacement. When he is healthy, Drummond is the best returner in the NFL; unfortunately, he cannot stay healty a full season. All in all, the special teams had a good year, but was marred with that botched extra point that cost them the game against the Vikings.

*Coaching: --- C. Season: D. Same old story. The Lions could not find a way to win the game when they had the chance. Even Mariucci is getting sick of saying that. In his second season as the coach of the honolulu blue and silver, he has not yet lived up to his $5 million / year contract. Some of his play calling is way too conservative and I wish he would give up on the west coast offense. He has a young team coming back next season and there are no excuses for any record under .500 in 2005.

*Overall: --- C. Overall: D-. The Lions lost, but it was a blessing in disguise. They end up getting the 10th pick overall which should land them a starter. That botched touchdown call against the Bears cost them a top five pick. Looking back this season, I can only wonder what if the Lions had not blown so many close games. They would be playing Seattle or Green Bay in the playoffs and I think would have a good chance in either game. At 6-10 they won one more game they had the prior year, making it the 3rd straight year they improved by one game. That is not good enough given all the promise this team had after starting 4-2. Matt Millen has one more year left on his contract and in my opinion, will leave the organization regardless how the Lions do in 2005. As murky as the last four seasons have been, with another strong draft and a few free agent pickups, there is not one reason why the Lions cannot make the playoffs in 2005. I can only hope that Charles Rogers does not turn out to be another 1st round flop. If Rogers is able to stay healthy and Williams improves in his 2nd year, the Lions will have a lethal combination at WR in 2005. With Kevin Jones having a year under his belt, the Offense could be great IF Harrington does not hold them back. The Defense needs to once again work on improving the secondary. But, with Boss Bailey coming back next year, the Defense should only improve. I am eagerly awaiting the 2005 season since for the first time in a long time, I honestly believe the Lions have a shot at a playoff spot given the current state of the NFC.

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