Detroit --- 13
Cleveland --- 10


Team 1234OTTotal
VISITOR: Detroit Lions0733013
HOME: Cleveland Browns3700010

Scoring Plays
TeamQtrTimePlay Description (Extra Point) (Drive Info)VisitorHome
Browns18:30P.Dawson 30 yd. Field Goal (9-44, 5:31)03
Lions25:26J.Garcia 1 yd. run (J.Hanson kick) (10-55, 6:12)73
Browns25:14J.Cribbs 90 yd. kickoff return (P.Dawson kick) (0-0, 0:12)710
Lions39:29J.Hanson 47 yd. Field Goal (8-29, 3:37)1010
Lions414:07J.Hanson 50 yd. Field Goal (12-48, 6:07)1310

Paid Attendance: 72,923Game Length: 3:02

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns
10/23/2005 at Cleveland Browns Stadium
Final Individual Statistics
Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns






[OUT OF BOUNDS]200.0000


Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns
10/23/2005 at Cleveland Browns Stadium
Final Team Statistics

   By Rushing76
   By Passing114
   By Penalty11
   Total Offensive Plays (inc. times thrown passing)7145
   Average gain per offensive play4.63.9
   Total Rushing Plays3722
   Average gain per rushing play3.25.4
   Tackles for a loss-number and yards3-70-0
   Times thrown - yards lost attempting to pass0-04-17
   Gross yards passing21073
   Avg gain per pass play (inc.# thrown passing)6.22.4
KICKOFFS Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks4-0-03-1-0
PUNTS Number and Average5-38.66-37.3
   Had Blocked00
FGs - PATs Had Blocked0-00-0
Net Punting Average33.231.0
TOTAL RETURN YARDAGE (Not Including Kickoffs)2527
   No. and Yards Punt Returns1-183-27
   No. and Yards Kickoff Returns3-504-152
   No. and Yards Interception Returns3-70-0
PENALTIES Number and Yards11-728-50
FUMBLES Number and Lost1-11-0
   Kickoff Returns01
EXTRA POINTS Made-Attempts1-11-1
   Kicking Made-Attempts1-11-1
FIELD GOALS Made-Attempts2-31-1

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns
10/23/2005 at Cleveland Browns Stadium
Ball Possession And Drive Chart
Detroit Lions

# Time
How Ball
Given Up
115:0014:010:59KickoffDET 1837070DET 25Punt
28:304:224:08KickoffDET 18737-532250Punt
30:5114:041:47PuntDET 39647-15321CLV 29Missed FG
411:385:266:12InterceptionDET 45104510555*CLV 1Touchdown
55:141:483:26KickoffDET 23639-5342CLV 43Punt
60:570:000:57InterceptionCLV 48311-561CLV 37End of Half
713:069:293:37PuntDET 428290292CLV 29Field Goal
87:527:020:50PuntDET 372110110DET 40Fumble
95:1414:076:07PuntDET 2012480483CLV 32Field Goal
1013:0910:162:53InterceptionDET 40416-1510DET 41Punt
117:122:095:03PuntDET 38300302DET 33Punt
121:180:001:18PuntDET 2959091DET 39End of Game

    (366) Average DET 30       
Cleveland Browns

# Time
How Ball
Given Up
114:018:305:31PuntCLV 439422444*DET 13Field Goal
24:220:513:31PuntCLV 85380381CLV 46Punt
314:0411:382:26Missed FGCLV 374120121CLV 49Interception
51:480:570:51PuntCLV 245255302DET 46Interception
615:0013:061:54KickoffCLV 3039090CLV 39Punt
79:297:521:37KickoffCLV 2436060CLV 30Punt
87:025:141:48FumbleDET 4833030DET 45Punt
914:0713:090:58KickoffCLV 3233-5-20CLV 30Interception
1010:167:123:04PuntCLV 30625-520250Punt
112:091:180:51PuntCLV 28511-15-41CLV 24Punt

    (308) Average CLV 31       
* inside opponent's 20

Time of Possession by Quarter1st2nd3rd4thOTTotal
Visitor  Detroit Lions5:5811:319:4110:0737:17
Home  Cleveland Browns9:023:295:194:5322:43

Kickoff Drive No. - Start AverageLions: 3 - DET 20Browns: 3 - CLV 29

Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns
10/23/2005 at Cleveland Browns Stadium
Final Defensive Statistics
Detroit LionsRegular Defensive PlaysSpecial TeamsMisc

B.Bailey527000000  00000  0000
E.Holmes437000000  00000  0000
K.Kennedy314000000  10000  0000
R.McQuarters303001200  00000  0000
A.Goodman303001100  00000  0000
J.Hall303000000  00000  0000
D.Wilkinson3032100000  00000  0000
S.Rogers202000000  00000  0000
J.DeVries202270000  00000  0000
C.Redding112000000  00000  0000
S.Cody112000000  00000  0000
J.Davis112000000  00000  0000
D.Bly101001100  00000  0000
T.Holt101000000  00000  0000
K.Smith101000000  00000  0000
T.Lehman011000000  01000  0000
K.Edwards011000000  00000  0000
W.Rainer000000000  20000  0000
C.Schlesinger000000000  10000  0000
B.Walker000000000  10000  0000
D.Curry000000000  10000  0000
V.Fox000000000  02000  0000
M.Williams000000000  00000  1000
Total3411454173400  63000  1000

TKL / TK = TackleAST / AS = AssistCOMB = CombinedIN = Interception
PD = Pass DefenseFF = Forced FumbleFR = Fumble RecoveryBL = Blocked

Cleveland BrownsRegular Defensive PlaysSpecial TeamsMisc

O.Ruff369000000  01000  0000
O.Roye808000001  00000  0000
D.McCutcheon808000000  00000  0000
B.Russell628000000  10000  0000
Andra Davis268000000  00000  0000
C.Crocker336000100  00000  0000
M.Stewart325000010  00000  0000
C.Thompson325000000  00000  0000
J.Fisk404000000  00000  0000
L.Bodden303000100  01000  0000
B.Taylor303000000  00000  0000
K.Lang303000000  00000  0000
A.McKinley213000000  00000  0000
E.Kelley213000000  00000  0000
B.Pool112000100  00000  0000
G.Baxter101000000  00000  0000
R.Mickens011000000  00000  0000
N.Eason011000000  00000  0000
J.Cribbs000000000  10000  0000
S.Jones000000000  10000  0000
C.McIntyre000000000  10000  0000
A.Bryant000000000  00000  1000
T.Dilfer000000000  00000  1000
D.Northcutt000000000  00000  1000
R.Droughns000000000  00000  0101
Total552681000311  42000  3101


Jeff Garcia replaced Joey Harrington as the Detroit Lions' starting quarterback, and he showed his spirit and style in a 13-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

While going 22-for-34 for 210 yards, Garcia brought a swagger into the huddle and kept plays alive. He didn't take a sack. He scrambled for a touchdown.

"Jeff does things Joey can't do," left tackle eff Backus said. "I mean, that's obvious....

"Don't get me wrong. I love Joey. He's a great guy. But Jeff, he's 35 years old. He's been around the block. He's got something about him. He definitely helped us out today."

A situation that had been simmering since the offseason, when the Lions signed Garcia to become part of what Mariucci called his "pitching staff," started to boil early last week.

The Lions had just lost to Carolina, 21-20, and fallen to 2-3. They ranked third-worst in the NFL in total offense. Harrington, the third overall pick in 2002, who had started 37 straight games for the Lions, ranked last among qualifying QBs in passer rating.

And Garcia, who had gone to playoffs and Pro Bowls under Mariucci in San Francisco, who had suffered a fractured left fibula and sprained left ankle in the exhibition finale Sept. 2 at Buffalo, had been cleared to practice and play if he felt well enough.

Garcia and Harrington split snaps in practice. After just about everyone had left team headquarters Friday night, Mariucci had Garcia take another X-ray.

"I don't know why," Mariucci said. "I'm just trying to leave no stones unturned, I guess."

The X-ray showed Garcia's fibula was even stronger than it had been when he was cleared. Mariucci talked to the medical staff, then the team brass, including owner William Clay Ford and president Matt Millen.

"I said, 'This is what I'm thinking. We're playing with Jeff,' " Mariucci said. "They said, 'Do it.' But then I said, 'Jeff, I'm sleeping on this, and you're sleeping on this. I want to see you in the morning.' "

Garcia felt fine Saturday, so Mariucci made it official. He told Harrington. Then he told the team. Garcia took all the snaps in the walkthrough.

Not everything went smoothly Sunday.

With Garcia getting back into the swing of things, with several offensive players missing, there was some confusion on play calls. The Lions called timeouts and took delay-of-game penalties.

Garcia did enough wrong that he said he still had to shake off some rust.

But Garcia made a trademark play in each quarter:

In the first, he danced in the pocket under pressure, then found wide receiver Mike Williams over the middle. Williams took off running, and the Lions gained 49 yards.

Marcus Pollard. But Pollard was being held up. With nowhere to throw, he ran to the right and dove into the end zone.

In the third, on third-and- six, under pressure in the pocket, he flipped the ball to running back Shawn Bryson for a 10-yard gain.

In the fourth, while being chased in his own end zone, he found wide receiver Scottie Vines up the right sideline for a 10-yard gain.

"That's one thing I emphasized to the receivers and the running backs all week long," Garcia said. "No play is dead, and you better stay alive every single play because I'll find a way to find you. Just keep working with me, and things are going to happen."

Garcia didn't do it all. Mariucci called it a "complete team win." The Lions got 119 yards on the ground, 74 from running back Kevin Jones, and the defense came up big again.

Former Lions running back Reuben Droughns gained 100 yards on 19 carries for the Browns. But quarterback Trent Dilfer was 10-for-19 for 73 yards, with three interceptions. The Browns went 0-for-8 on third down, and their only touchdown came on a 90-yard kickoff return by rookie Joshua Cribbs.

Jason Hanson kicked field goals of 47 and 50 yards for the Lions. Phil Dawson kicked a 30-yarder for the Browns.

"We've had a lot of close losses in our last couple years, and it's because we have to finish the game better," Mariucci said. "Well, today we finished the game on both sides of the ball."

But Garcia was the story. He said he felt pain in his leg after a couple of hits, but he expected to play with pain for the rest of the season — and it was "one of those things that I'll have to deal with."

Dealing with things is what Garcia is all about. He spent last season with the Browns, and it was a rocky, disappointing one. When Cleveland fans starting giving it to him Sunday, he gave it right back.

"I play the game in a lot of ways (angry) and with a certain passion to me ... because I feel like it's been a battle throughout my career," said Garcia, who wasn't drafted and spent five years in the Canadian Football League before he got a shot in the NFL. "This is another time where it's been a battle, but I'm battling through it."

"It was a great feeling to be back, and to be able to do it in Cleveland made it extra nice," Garcia told The Associated Press.

"We just fell apart," said Droughns, who ran for 100 yards.

Mariucci made it clear after the game that he'll stick with Garcia.

"If he feels good tomorrow and is healthy enough to practice this week," Mariucci said. "He's our QB."

Harrington isn't happy with the demotion.

"I'm disappointed," he said. "This is a different position for me, but it won't beat me."

Garcia's one season in Cleveland was marred by inconsistent play, a feud with offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie and personal issues, including a trial involving his Playboy playmate girlfriend, who had a bar fight with another woman over the QB.

Because of injuries, Detroit was down to its Nos. 4 and 5 receivers, but Garcia was able to buy himself time to throw in the pocket and made completions when it appeared he had nowhere to go.

"He made some plays when it looked like we had him," Browns linebacker Andra Davis said. "That's what he does."

The Browns (2-4) didn't get a first down in the second half until only 9:52 remained. They had their chances, too, but wide receiver Antonio Bryant dropped a key third-down pass in the fourth.

"It was just one mistake of many," said Dilfer, who has eight turnovers in the past three games. "We all took our turn making mistakes."

Browns cornerback Daylon McCutcheon, one of only two players on Cleveland's roster since 1999, is tired of the losing.

"In 1999 and 2000 we just weren't good enough. We didn't have the talent," he said. "We've got the talent now. We just don't play smart, that's it."

Before pregame warmups, Garcia huddled with third-string rookie QB Dan Orlovsky and tight ends Pollard and Casey Fitzsimmons in the tunnel leading to the field.

"Let's go out and take care of business," Garcia shouted.

But the Browns took control early as Droughns ran for 67 yards in the first quarter, leading to Dawson's field goal.

But Dre Bly, who later left the game with a dislocated wrist, picked off Dilfer and the Lions drove to the 1, where Mariucci decided to go for it on fourth and goal. Garcia faked an inside handoff, and after surveying the line for a second, sprinted right and dived in untouched.

The play was designed to be a pass, but when no one got open, Garcia made something happen himself.

"You keep your fingers crossed when he's running around out there," Mariucci said. "But he makes plays.

News: 10/24/05

Four plays that not only were the difference in the Lions' 13-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, but that displayed why Jeff Garcia has won in the playoffs and has been to the Pro Bowl - and why Joey Harrington might never get to either place.

With Garcia at quarterback, the Lions' scheme remains boring, unimaginative, mundane. It is laborious - definitely more like the tortoise than the hare.

Garcia, however, is none of the above.

He plays quarterback the way Rimsky-Korsakov's mind must have been racing when he composed "Flight of the Bumblebee."

Four plays. A run for a touchdown on a busted pass with it fourth-and-goal at the 1. A scramble and a shuffle pass that gained just enough yardage so Jason Hanson could kick the 50-yard field goal that won the game. An improvisation on a long gainer to Mike Williams. A move in the end zone to avoid a safety before completing a pass.

Four plays - and a Lions road victory that would not have been had Harrington started.

garciacle.jpg - 26446 Bytes "Avoid people and fi nd people - it's always been my game," Garcia said.

There. Football made simple.

Garcia is a grunt. The little guy who turns heads in the weight room because he does his squats with the defensive linemen.

Garcia understands a lot of people don't equate his style with a quarterback. He's always felt this need to prove them wrong. He did, again, Sunday.

Garcia's lack of arm strength is obvious. He was fortunate a couple of his arching throws weren't intercepted. Like Harrington, he is hindered by a limited surrounding cast because of injuries and overrated talent.

The good part is that, unlike the shell-shocked Harrington, Garcia is capable of fi ghting for every inch.

Garcia is, if nothing else, gritty. And grit is what the Lions need more than anything at this stage.

It helps, too, that Garcia's teammates have some semblance of belief in him. They have never remotely believed in Harrington.

Pick any of the four plays Garcia made that were, essentially, Sunday's game, and he comes at you with the same answer that defines him as a QB.

"It's just reaction," Garcia said. "You can't coach that. You can't plan that. You just do it."

Garcia missed the fi rst five games after spraining the ankle and breaking the fibula in his left leg during the preseason fi nale. There were times when he was a little gimpy Sunday. He admitted there were moments when his rust showed, too. The Lions' offense was not a smooth, flowing entity. It was just good enough to get a win against a Cleveland squad that is completely out of sync.

Garcia not only made plays, but he didn't turn the ball over. Running back Kevin Jones took a beating for his 74 yards rushing, but he didn't lay the ball on the ground.

Williams lost a fumble. The kickoff coverage unit surrendered a long touchdown return. That was about it for the Lions' self-destruction. Their defense didn't let the Browns' remarkably inept offense up for air. Effort and purpose, for once, weren't an issue. There is little doubt the change at quarterback was the key element for all of it.

"It was a tough day," Garcia said. "Nothing came easy."

You get this sense about Garcia that he doesn't mind that. He likes it chippy. And a little nasty. When he was injured, he kept spouting off to the media about how his teammates didn't have a clue. That's considered a no-no. It was like Garcia was enticing them to call him out. It's as if he thrives on "dare-me" pressure.

"I play the game ticked off," Garcia said.

moochcle.jpg - 19767 Bytes It's not a bad attitude when the objective of football is considered.

Harrington, on the other hand, is calculated.

Garcia does have limitations. Those eventually will be exposed. It could happen sooner instead of later.

But give Lions head coach Steve Mariucci credit. He said last week the decision about his starting quarterback would be made based on "who is going to give us the best chance to win this game."

He made the right choice. While that doesn't buy the Lions a future, or even that much genuine hope, it did give them a much-needed victory.

And it gave them at least a chance that a seemingly lost season can be found.

Scott's Game Commentary:

Jeff Garica - welcome to Detroit! Garcia, making his first Lions start, scored the only offensive touchdown of the game in the 1st half in enroute to a hard fought 13-10 victory over the pathetic Browns. Before the game, Browns fans were having a field day screaming in my face, but I got the last laugh!!! Garcia was not stellar, but did not make any "Harrington" blunders and did a good job in the 4th quarter when exactly a week ago the Offense failed miserably. Once again, the Defense was stellar as they forced three Dilfer interceptions. It was eerie how the Brown's fans were booing Dilfer - it certainly reminded me of one Joey Harrington! Yet again, the injury bug was busy taking out Lions - Kevin Johnson, Shaun Rogers and Dre Bly all left the game with injuries and did not return. Scottie Vines did a great job as a 5th string WR and has done more than Williams and Rogers all season long. The game would not have been close had it not been for a special teams breakdown as the Browns returned a kick 90 yards for a touchdown. That did not make a difference as Jason Hanson nailed two long field goals, which turned out to be the difference in the game. All in all, I had a great time in Cleveland, unlike Chicago, and it was great to see all the thousands of Lions fans that made the trip to cheer on the honolulu blue and silver!


*Offense: --- B-. The Offense looked completely different with Jeff Garcia calling the plays. I can honestly say that without Garcia, the Lions most likely lose this game. Garcia was not sacked and had some good scrambles when the pocket broke down to make plays, unlike anything Harrington has ever done in the past. Garcia's touchdown run on 4th and goal was a welcome sign as Harrington has yet to have a rushing touchdown in his entire career. The offensive line did a much better job this week and Kevin Jones had some good runs for a change. Scottie Vines and Mike Williams did a good job as the top WR's subbing for Roy Williams and Charles Rogers. It was also good to see Corey Schlesinger back in the action - the Offense certainly missed him. With 329 yards total offense and controlling the clock over 37 minutes, the Offense did their job. Last but not least, in the same situation as last week, they picked up key first downs to melt the clock and seal the victory. If Garcia can stay healthy and if Rogers or Roy Williams can come slightly close to living up to expectations, the Offense has a chance to greatly improve as the season progresses.

*Defense: --- A. If there is one bright spot so far this year, with the exception of the Bears game, it has been the Defense. Once again they dominated the line of scrimmage and forced three interceptions. Even with the lost of Shaun Rogers and Dre Bly, the Defense held strong! Big Daddy Wilkenson had two key sacks and continues to be a force to wrecken with.The Defense came up big when they needed to stop the Browns late in the game, unlike last weekend's collapse. The Browns did not have a single third down conversion and had only 56 yards passing the entire game. How funny is it that it has been several years since the Lions drafted someone on Defense in the 1st round, yet they are the only reason the honolulu blue and silver are at .500 and in first place in the NFC North.

*Special Teams: --- C. Jason Hanson nailed two long field goals in the second half which ended being the only scoring for the second half. The only blemish from the special teams was giving up a 90 yard touchdown return after the Lions had taken their first lead. But, Hanson was stellar in the second half and was the reason why the Lions ended up winning the game.

*Coaching: --- C. I'm so sick and tired of the conservative play calling i'm going to puke! The play calling was still dull as can be; however, Garcia was able to make plays on his own, something Harrington is incapable of doing. Before the half, the Lions had once again used up all their time outs and that ended up costing them a chance at a field goal. Still, I have to give props for Maricucci for starting Garcia and taking a chance with him even though he was not 100% healthy.

*Overall: --- A. The Lions broke their seven game road losing streak and in the process reached the .500 mark again. This was a game they easily could have lost, but they did just enough to pull out a much needed victory. My only fear is that the injuries are going to take a toll on the honolulu blue and silver. Losing Roy Williams, Dre Bly, Shaun Rogers and Kevin Johnson to injuries hurts - hopefully they can all recover soon. Up next is the rematch with the Chicago Bears, which will be a low scoring afair, but this time I fully expect the Defense to have the last laugh facing Kyle Orton. At 3-3, the Lions have a great shot of winning their next three games (Chicago, at Minnesota and Arizona). At the very worse they should be 5-4 and on pace to having a great shot of winning the NFC North.

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