Detroit 21
 New England  28

Detroit 21New England 28
December 03, 2006Gillette Stadium-Attendance: NaN (NaN) Time: NaN:NaN
Scoring Summary
 NE FG 2:47 Stephen Gostkowski 25 yard field goal attempt is good.03
 DET TD 13:44 Jon Kitna pass completion to the right to Mike Furrey for 5 yards for a touchdown.63
 DET PAT 13:44 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.73
 DET FG 3:19 Jason Hanson 29 yard field goal attempt is good.103
 NE TD 1:15 Corey Dillon rush to the left for 6 yards for a touchdown.109
 NE PAT 1:15 Stephen Gostkowski extra point attempt is good.1010
 NE FG 0:00 Stephen Gostkowski 27 yard field goal attempt is good.1013
 DET FG 9:09 Jason Hanson 38 yard field goal attempt is good.1313
 DET FG 5:07 Jason Hanson 49 yard field goal attempt is good.1613
 DET SY 4:22 Tom Brady fumbles. New England recovers, Heath Evans returns 0 yards. Tackled in end zone for a Safety.1813
 DET FG 13:07 Jason Hanson 26 yard field goal attempt is good.2113
 NE TD 8:35 Corey Dillon rush to the left for 2 yards for a touchdown.2119
 NE 2PT 8:35 Tom Brady pass completion to Troy Brown. 2-pt conversion successful.2121
 NE TD 2:33 Corey Dillon rush to the left for 4 yards for a touchdown.2127
 NE PAT 2:33 Stephen Gostkowski extra point attempt is good.2128

 Detroit Passing
 J. Kitna22/383148.313
 New England Passing
 T. Brady27/38305801
 Detroit Rushing
 K. Jones19562.9011
 J. Kitna294.509
 A. Harris11212.0012
 New England Rushing
 C. Dillon9252.836
 T. Brady691.505
 L. Maroney4143.508
 P. Pass3103.304
 T. Brown11616.0016
 H. Evans155.005
 Detroit Receiving
 M. Furrey912313.7131
 K. Jones58617.2025
 R. Williams35016.7021
 J. McCown2157.508
 A. Harris177.007
 D. Campbell12121.0021
 C. Bradford11212.0012
 New England Receiving
 R. Caldwell811214.0028
 K. Faulk8597.4020
 B. Watson34113.7023
 T. Brown284.005
 D. Graham22412.0015
 P. Pass11616.0016
 C. Dillon155.005
 J. Gaffney12828.0028
 D. Gabriel11212.0012
 Detroit Tackles
 New England Tackles
 Detroit Interceptions
 D. Bly155.050
 New England Interceptions
 M. Vrabel210.510
 A. Samuel10000
 Detroit Punting
 Team 1044.00
 New England Punting
 Team 2040.00
 Detroit Punt Returns
 New England Punt Returns
 Detroit Kickoff Returns
 New England Kickoff Returns
 Detroit Fumbles
 E. Drummond1010
 K. Jones1100
 J. Kitna1100
 New England Fumbles
 P. Pass1100
 B. Watson1100
 T. Brady1000
 Detroit Missed Field Goals
 NONE        -
 New England Missed Field Goals
 NONE        -

Team Stat Comparison
 1st Downs21 23 
   3rd down efficiency5-12 4-9 
   4th down efficiency0-0 1-1 
 Total Yards361 363 
 Passing284 284 
   Comp-Att22-38 27-38 
   Yards per pass6.6 7.1 
 Rushing77 79 
   Rushing Attempts22 24 
   Yards per rush3.5 3.3 
 Penalties7-70 10-72 
 Sacks against5-30 2-21 
     Fumbles-lost3-2 3-2 
     Interceptions thrown
 Possession30:43 29:17 


Corey Dillon saved the sloppy Patriots from a stunning upset.

His three short touchdown runs overcame 10 penalties, four turnovers and a safety and New England edged the Detroit Lions 28-21 Sunday. The Patriots didn't lead in the second half until Dillon scored on a 4-yard run with 2:33 left.

Mike Vrabel's interception, his second of the game, sealed the victory against the team with the NFL's worst record over the last six years, 23-69.

The Patriots (9-3) struggled against a team that had nine losses one week after they beat a team with nine wins on the same field in a 17-13 victory over the Chicago Bears. New England also had trouble hanging onto the ball then, committing five turnovers.

But against Detroit (2-10), the Patriots managed to pull the game out after Mike Wright recovered Jon Kitna's fumble at the Lions 32 on a sack by Rosevelt Colvin with 5:57 to go. After an incompletion, Tom Brady threw four consecutive completions before handing the ball to Dillon, who just got into the left side of the end zone.

For most of the game, the Patriots played poorly. Detroit kicker Jason Hanson has been around the league long enough to remember when they were that bad on a regular basis - the Patriots were 2-14 when he was a rookie in 1992.

On Sunday, his fourth field goal, a 26-yarder, gave the Lions a 21-13 lead with 13:07 left in the game.

The Patriots came right back with a 58-yard march capped by Dillon's 2-yard run and a 2-point conversion pass from Brady to Troy Brown that tied it with 8:35 to go.

Then the Lions began playing like they have been for most of the season. On their second play after the touchdown, Kitna's pass was intercepted by Vrabel.

Then the Patriots continued playing like they did a week earlier. On their third play, Brady completed a 9-yard pass to Benjamin Watson but he fumbled and Terrence Holt recovered.

Next it was the Lions turn to give the ball - and, this time, the game - away. On their second play, Wright recovered Kitna's fumble.

The Patriots didn't mess up the ensuing series. After an incompletion, Brady ran for 5 yards then completed four straight passes, the last a 5-yarder to Brown to the 4 that set up the winning touchdown.

Mike Furrey had nine catches for a career-high 123 yards for Detroit, which also tried quarterback Josh McCown at wide receiver. That didn't work, especially when he was called for offensive pass interference deep in New England territory late in the game.

But Kitna kept the Lions moving and completed 22 of 38 passes for 314 yards. Brady was 27-for-38 for 305 yards.

Dillon finished with just 25 yards on nine carries. But he tied it at 10 late in the first half with a 6-yard run. Stephen Gostkowski's second field goal as time ran out put the Patriots ahead 13-10 at intermission

Dillon saw extra action when rookie running back Laurence Maroney left the game in the first quarter after, the Patriots said, he had the wind knocked out of him. Maroney didn't return.

Scott's Game Commentary:

Haven't we seen this before??? The Lions leading in the 4th quarter and self destructing! In a game that no one expected them to win, here were the honolulu blue and silver up five facing fourth and inches from the Patriots 8 yard line after getting stuffed on third and an inch. Marinelli uses the Lions last time out and instead of taking a chance to give the Lions a two possession lead, he opts for the ULTRA conservative three points. Right there I immediately knew the Lions would lose and three turnovers later they most certainly did! I'm sorry but this game has to fall on the shoulders of Kitna and the coaches. Was it me or were seeing Joey Harrington flash backs from the past few years? What on earth is Kitna thinking throwing the ball into coverage and not getting rid of it? Just like in the Vikings game earlier this season the Lions committed several costly turnovers and penalties and once again find themselves saying what if! I still cannot get over the fact that Josh McCown was more involved in the passing game than Mike Willions. That only speaks volumes on how Martz and Marinelli have it in for Williams. He's a first round draft pick, see what he has!!! But, it is what it is. The Lions are the laughing stock of the NFL and now have the inside edge to screw up another first round draft pick - this time, it will be the first overall!


*Offense: --- D-. FIVE turnovers??? Are you kidding me? The last three possessions of the game: INT, Fumble loss, INT???? The Offense can take the full blame for blowing a chance of pulling off one of the biggest upsets of the year in the NFL! Kitna had over 300 yard passing but his four turnovers cost the Lions dearly. He was suppose to be an improvement over Joey Harrington? Yet another boneheaded free agent acquisition by Mr. 23-69. The Offensive line was awful again giving up five sacks and not giving Kitna anytime to throw the ball - yet more proof that Mr. 23-69 is in over his head. On a bright note, Mike Furrey had over 100 yards receiving and has been one of the Lions most consistent receivers this year. Kevin Jones had over 140 all purpose yards and shows how important he is for the offense to be successful.

*Defense: --- C+. The Defense played one of their better games and for the most part did their job by creating three turnovers and causing a safety. But what good is it when you have an Offense that commits five and puts you on your backs. I cannot really fault the Defense for giving up the game winning drive in the 4th quarter. Once again, the unit was decimated with injuries and did a pretty darn good job holding off the Patriots. But, in the end, it was not enough as Brady worked his usual 4th quarter magic again.

*Special Teams: --- B. Hanson has not missed a beat as he nailed three field goals including his second longest one of the year, a 49 yarder. Coverage was decent. Drummond did not have any big runs.

*Coaching: --- F-. This was by far the most pathetic play calling and decisions thus far under the Marinelli regime! The decision to kick a field goal on 4th and inches inside the opponents 10 yard line speaks volumes on how much confidence Marinelli and Martz have for the Lions offensive line. When your team is up 5 against a heavy favorite on the road in the 4th quarter, go for it! But, nothing like burning a time out and then deciding to take the easy three points. It was fitting watching the Patiots tie the game on their next posession. Why on earth is Josh McCown getting playing time over Mike Williams, who Martz said had a great week of pratice? I give up trying to figure that one out and Marinelli dodged the question the best he could in his post mortum press conference. And what was up with all the passes in the 4th quarter - run the ball! Kevin Jones was having a great game while Kitna was a turnover machine.

*Overall: --- F. If the Lions had been a mediocre team, this loss would have eaten me up alive, but like I have mentioned before, I am apathetic toward the Lions and could only laugh when I saw Kitna have a mental break down and throw his game ending interception to seal another loss. On a bright note, the Lions now have the inside track to the number one pick overall - cannot wait to see in April how they botch it. Knowing the Fords, they will keep Mr. 23-69 and let him ruin another first round pick. The bottom line is nothing will ever change until the Millen is shown the door and the Fords ever come to the realization like their auto company, both the Lions and Ford are hemoraging at the seams. Until Mr. Ford wakes up and sees the day light, the competition will continue making a mockery of his families businesses. Wake up Mr. Ford before its too late!

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