Chicago 27


Chicago 27Detroit 37
September 30, 2007Ford Field-Attendance: 60,811 (65,000) Time: 3:35
Scoring Summary
 DET FG 10:05 Jason Hanson 49 yard field goal attempt is good.03
 CHI TD 4:16 Brian Griese pass completion to the middle to Muhsin Muhammad for 15 yards for a touchdown.63
 CHI PAT 4:16 Robbie Gould extra point attempt is good.73
 CHI FG 5:08 Robbie Gould 49 yard field goal attempt is good.103
 CHI FG 0:49 Robbie Gould 41 yard field goal attempt is good.133
 DET TD 14:56 Jon Kitna pass completion to the right to Shaun McDonald for 4 yards for a touchdown.139
 DET PAT 14:56 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.1310
 DET TD 13:14 Brian Griese pass to the left intercepted by Keith Smith and returned 64 yards for a touchdown.1316
 DET PAT 13:14 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.1317
 CHI TD 12:57 Detroit kicks off. Devin Hester returns 97 yards for a touchdown.1917
 CHI PAT 12:57 Robbie Gould extra point attempt is good.2017
 DET TD 10:06 Jon Kitna pass completion to the right to Troy Walters for 15 yards for a touchdown.2023
 DET PAT 10:06 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.2024
 DET TD 3:34 Kevin Jones rush to the right for 5 yards for a touchdown.2030
 DET3:34 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is blocked.2030
 CHI TD 0:52 Brian Griese pass completion to the middle to Desmond Clark for 1 yard for a touchdown.2630
 CHI PAT 0:52 Robbie Gould extra point attempt is good.2730
 DET TD 0:45 Chicago kicks off. Casey FitzSimmons returns 41 yards for a touchdown.2736
 DET PAT 0:45 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.2737

 Chicago Passing
 B. Griese34/522865.523
 Detroit Passing
 J. Kitna20/2424710.320
 Chicago Rushing
 C. Benson15503.3016
 G. Wolfe331.002
 A. Peterson284.007
 B. Griese284.006
 Detroit Rushing
 T. Bell11464.2012
 K. Jones10383.8122
 J. Kitna2-1-0.500
 J. Bradley133.003
 S. McDonald199.009
 Chicago Receiving
 B. Berrian89912.4026
 D. Clark7446.3114
 R. Davis5387.6012
 C. Benson5244.807
 M. Muhammad5499.8115
 A. Peterson3299.7012
 D. Hester133.003
 Detroit Receiving
 R. Williams6538.8019
 M. Furrey59118.2049
 S. McDonald33110.3121
 T. Walters23618.0121
 K. Jones263.005
 T. Bell177.007
 S. McHugh12323.0023
 Chicago Tackles
 B. McGowan10820-0
 B. Urlacher11740-0
 A. Ogunleye6512-17
 B. Ayanbadejo4400-0
 T. McBride4310-0
 J. Williams3211-1
 R. Manning Jr.2200-0
 H. Hillenmeyer3210-0
 B. Berrian2200-0
 D. Walker2200-0
 M. Anderson2202-6
 A. Brown2200-0
 C. Graham2200-0
 D. Manning1100-0
 A. Adams1100-0
 A. Garay1100-0
 T. Harris1101-8
 R. Wilson1100-0
 F. Miller1100-0
 I. Idonije1010-0
 Detroit Tackles
 E. Sims11830-0
 P. Lenon10821-10
 F. Bryant8620-0
 J. DeVries6603-26
 T. Fisher6420-0
 S. Rogers5411-9
 S. Wilson7430-0
 B. Bailey4310-0
 C. Smith3300-0
 K. Kennedy4310-0
 D. White2200-0
 L. Moore2201-7
 T. Bell1100-0
 C. FitzSimmons1100-0
 B. Middleton1100-0
 T. Lehman1100-0
 G. Alexander2110-0
 E. Frampton1100-0
 D. Muhlbach1100-0
 B. Calhoun1100-0
 S. Cody1100-0
 I. Alama-Francis1100-0
 I. Bashir1100-0
 C. Redding1010-0
 K. Smith1010-0
 Chicago Interceptions
 Detroit Interceptions
 F. Bryant10000
 E. Sims155.050
 K. Smith16464.0641
 Chicago Punting
 B. Maynard522344.62
 Team 522344.62
 Detroit Punting
 N. Harris521743.40
 Team 521743.40
 Chicago Punt Returns
 D. Hester59519310
 Detroit Punt Returns
 T. Walters2178.5150
 Chicago Kickoff Returns
 D. Hester721931.3971
 Detroit Kickoff Returns
 C. FitzSimmons14141411
 B. Middleton37023.3300
 B. Calhoun11818180
 Chicago Fumbles
 D. Hester2000
 B. Griese2010
 C. Benson1000
 Detroit Fumbles
 T. Bell1100
 J. Kitna1100
 R. Williams1000
 K. Jones1010
 Chicago Missed Field Goals
 R. Gould52
 Detroit Missed Field Goals
 J. Hanson39

Team Stat Comparison
 1st Downs22 19 
   3rd down efficiency7-18 2-10 
   4th down efficiency1-1 0-0 
 Total Yards303 310 
 Passing234 215 
   Comp-Att34-52 20-24 
   Yards per pass4.0 7.2 
 Rushing69 95 
   Rushing Attempts22 25 
   Yards per rush3.1 3.8 
 Penalties14-102 9-59 
 Sacks against6-52 6-32 
     Fumbles-lost5-0 4-2 
     Interceptions thrown
 Possession30:23 29:37 


The Detroit Lions did it all in a record-breaking fourth quarter, scoring on the ground, through the air on defense and special teams.

The new-look win took the place of a here-we-go again loss for a team that used to be the NFL's laughingstock.

''Luck is turning our way,'' Roy Williams said after Detroit beat the Chicago Bears 37-27 Sunday. ''We're a 3-1 ballclub and not a lot of teams can say that.''

No other team in league history can say they scored 34 points in the final quarter as Detroit did against the defending NFC champions, and no game included a combined 48 points in the fourth.

''We collapsed as a team at the end of the game,'' Bears coach Lovie Smith said.

Chicago (1-3) led 13-3 after three quarters in a terribly played game before both teams scored three times as many points in the final 15 minutes.

''It was a big finish,'' Williams said.

The Bears insist they're not finished, even though their quarterback change backfired and their banged-up team is reeling.

''Our season is not over,'' Brian Urlacher said. ''But we have to get better.''

''We stink right now.''

Brian Griese, starting in place of Rex Grossman, had three interceptions.

Still, the Bears still had a chance to win.

Griese threw a 1-yard pass to Desmond Clark on a fourth down with 52 seconds left to pull the Bears within three. However, the onside kick bounced to Detroit's Casey FitzSimmons and he returned it for a touchdown to seal the victory.

It was the kind of game Detroit used to lose as it put together one of the worst six-season stretches in NFL history - with at least 10 losses from 2001-2006 - but these might not be the same-old Lions.

Detroit is 3-1 for the first time since 2004 and it has already matched the number of wins it had last season in Rod Marinelli's first year as coach.

''This game was probably like me - ugly,'' Marinelli said. ''It was also like me because it was a fight.''

The Bears, meanwhile, are off to a bad start, falling to 1-3. Chicago can only hope the season turns around as it did in 2005 when it lost three of the first four games and finished 11-5.

''It can be done,'' Urlacher said. ''But we've really got to get to work.''

At quarterback, though, it might be time for Plan C.

Griese was 34-of-52 for 286 yards with two TDs and three interceptions.

Smith said he didn't consider putting Grossman in the game, but wasn't pleased with Griese's performance.

''It wasn't good enough,'' Smith said.

Griese agreed.

''If you're going to have plays that don't go your way, you better make enough to make up for it,'' he said.

Robbie Gould made field goals on consecutive drives late in the third quarter to put Chicago ahead 13-3.

Then, Detroit's offense suddenly came to life and Jon Kitna connected with Shaun McDonald for a 4-yard TD on the first play of the fourth quarter.

The Lions went ahead when Griese threw a pass directly at cornerback Keith Smith and he returned it 64 yards for a 17-13 lead.

Devin Hester quieted the crowd by returning the ensuing kick 97 yards, his seventh kick or punt return for a score in one-plus seasons, but the Bears couldn't hold onto the lead.

Kitna threw a 15-yard pass to Troy Walters, whose foot-dragging score needed a video review, and Kevin Jones capped a drive that lasted longer than 5 minutes with a short TD run to put Detroit ahead 30-20 with 3:34 left.

The game lasted 3 hours and 35 minutes, and the final quarter seemed to go on forever.

''That was long,'' Kitna said. ''I have food waiting at my house, and I hope it isn't ruined.

''That's what happens in the NFL, things can get crazy. Everything gets carried by momentum and emotional swings, and you end up with 10-3 games that turn into something like this.''

Kitna finished 20 of 24 for 247 yards with two scores, a fumble and no interceptions.

Both teams struggled to run the ball. No one had more than 50 yards rushing , and that was more problematic for Chicago because Griese was unreliable in a pass-happy offense.

Scott's Game Commentary:

What a game! And no better place to watch it in Vegas. I put quite a bit of money on the honolulu blue and silver given the injuries to the Bears secondary. Through three quarters, I was sweating my potential losses until the fourth quarter hit. What more can you say? The most points ever scored in the 4th quarter in NFL history?!?!? Thirty four points? By the time game ended I thought Bear fan was ready to kill me given I kept singing the Lions fight song every time they scored. It is quite clear the Offense is going to rely solely on the pass, but so be it. They have if not the best passsing attack in the NFL; however, also sport the worst running game. The Defense made a complete 180 degree turn from the Philly debacle and had some key turnovers in the red zone. Keith Smith's return for a touchdown started the fourth quarter barrage which I honestly never saw coming. It was a huge win for the honolulu blue and silver and one they desperately needed.


*Offense: --- First three quarters: F. Fourth Quarter: A. The first three quarters were hard to watch. When Tatem Bell fumbled the ball when it appeared the Lions were going to score in the first half, I had a feeling the Lions were doomed. Kitna and the Offense were non existant through three quarters until their backs were against the wall. Unlike last year, the Offense seems to turn it on in the 4th quarter as for the third time they came up with huge plays. Shaun McDonald continues to be a diamond in the rough - the Lions probably have the best receiving group in the NFL. Too bad the Offensive Line and running game cannot get on track. Kevin Jones is making progress but looks nothing like he did during the second half of his rookie season in 2005. Tatem Bell looks more and more like another Denver running back that falls apart outside their running back system.

*Defense: --- B. The Defense played much better compared to the Philly game and once again had some key interceptions that were the difference in the game. Brian Griese looked lost making his first start in quite some time and Cedrick Benson continues to look like a bust. I have no clue what the Bears were thinking getting rid of Thomas Jones. All in all it was a great effort and they held strong in the 4th quarter when the game was on the line,

*Special Teams: --- D-. What on earth were the Lions thinking kicking to Devin Hester after they took the lead in the 4th quarter?!?! I had one rotten feeling he was going to run the ball back and that is what he did! That could have cost them the game! The return game was non existant again. The only bright spot was yet another Shaun Rogers field goal block. He certainly loves blocking field goals.

*Coaching: --- C. Again, why on earth you kick to Hester in the 4th quarter is beyond me! The coaching staff should have their heads examined for doing that. Still, Marinelli has the team believing in one another. Unlike last year where the Lions collapsed in the fourth quarter, this year they are coming up with the big plays. And the coaches deserve credit for that.

*Overall: --- A. It certainly looked bleak when the fourth quarter came but 34 points later, the Lions find themselves 3-1 and one game back of the Packers.Up next is a road trip to Washington where the Lions have never won. If there ever was a time to break the 0 for whatever streak in Washington, this is it. The Redskins are not a good team and if the Lions can play up to their potential, they should emerge 4-1 heading into the bye week. How nice would that be? Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling something will go wrong given the curse of Washington. I will be in downtown San Diego cheering on the honolulu blue and silver. The game grades and commentary will be posted later in the week.

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