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Green Bay 37Detroit 26
November 22, 2007Ford Field-Attendance: 63,257 (65,000) Time: 3:24
Scoring Summary
 DET FG 7:11 Jason Hanson 47 yard field goal attempt is good.03
 DET FG 6:04 Jason Hanson 41 yard field goal attempt is good.06
 GB TD 14:43 Brett Favre pass completion to the middle to Greg Jennings for 11 yards for a touchdown.66
 GB PAT 14:43 Mason Crosby extra point attempt is good.76
 GB TD 7:41 Ryan Grant rush to the right for 5 yards for a touchdown.136
 GB PAT 7:41 Mason Crosby extra point attempt is good.146
 DET FG 6:15 Jason Hanson 45 yard field goal attempt is good.149
 GB FG 0:00 Mason Crosby 20 yard field goal attempt is good.179
 GB TD 11:13 Brett Favre pass completion to the right to Greg Jennings for 4 yards for a touchdown.239
 GB PAT 11:13 Mason Crosby extra point attempt is good.249
 DET FG 5:15 Jason Hanson 52 yard field goal attempt is good.2412
 GB TD 1:48 Brett Favre pass completion to the left to Ruvell Martin for 3 yards for a touchdown.3012
 GB PAT 1:48 Mason Crosby extra point attempt is good.3112
 GB FG 13:08 Mason Crosby 20 yard field goal attempt is good.3412
 DET TD 9:58 Jon Kitna pass completion to the middle to Calvin Johnson for 6 yards for a touchdown.3418
 DET PAT 9:58 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.3419
 DET TD 6:34 Kevin Jones rush to the left for 1 yard for a touchdown.3425
 DET PAT 6:34 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.3426
 GB FG 1:44 Mason Crosby 26 yard field goal attempt is good.3726

 Green Bay Passing
 B. Favre31/413819.330
 Detroit Passing
 J. Kitna19/402245.611
 Green Bay Rushing
 R. Grant151016.7131
 B. Favre2-1-0.500
 Detroit Rushing
 K. Jones20934.7123
 T. Duckett7294.1010
 J. Kitna294.506
 A. Cason133.003
 Green Bay Receiving
 D. Driver1014714.7041
 R. Grant6315.2013
 G. Jennings56012.0224
 J. Jones57515.0020
 K. Robinson25025.0043
 K. Hall155.005
 R. Martin133.013
 D. Lee11010.0010
 Detroit Receiving
 C. Johnson78311.9116
 A. Cason45814.5020
 R. Williams33210.7019
 K. Jones22713.5014
 S. McDonald2189.0010
 T. Walters166.006
 Green Bay Tackles
 F. Walker5500-0
 A. Kampman6512-12
 N. Barnett8440-0
 A. Rouse6420-0
 T. Williams4400-0
 A. Bigby4310-0
 C. Peprah3300-0
 C. Cole5320-0
 K. Gbaja-Biamila2201-6
 J. Hunter2200-0
 M. Montgomery3210-0
 R. Pickett3210-0
 C. Williams3211-9
 A. Harris3210-0
 B. Poppinga2110-0
 J. Bush1100-0
 C. Jenkins2110-0
 T. White1100-0
 M. Tauscher1100-0
 V. Morency1100-0
 A. Hawk5050-0
 C. Woodson1010-0
 Detroit Tackles
 K. Smith5500-0
 P. Lenon6510-0
 K. Kennedy10550-0
 T. Fisher7430-0
 G. Alexander4310-0
 E. Sims3300-0
 C. Redding3300-0
 C. FitzSimmons2200-0
 S. Rogers3210-0
 A. Lewis2200-0
 B. Bailey2200-0
 D. White1100-0
 B. Saipaia1100-0
 A. Cannon1100-0
 F. Bryant1100-0
 K. Edwards2110-0
 L. Moore1100-0
 S. Wilson1100-0
 J. DeVries1100-0
 Green Bay Interceptions
 A. Rouse13434.0340
 Detroit Interceptions
 Green Bay Punting
 J. Ryan417443.51
 Team 417443.51
 Detroit Punting
 N. Harris415037.50
 Team 415037.50
 Green Bay Punt Returns
 C. Woodson13434340
 Detroit Punt Returns
 Green Bay Kickoff Returns
 K. Robinson37324.3290
 T. Williams13333330
 Detroit Kickoff Returns
 C. FitzSimmons11515150
 A. Cason618831.3740
 Green Bay Fumbles
 B. Favre110-8
 J. Jones1000
 Detroit Fumbles
 Green Bay Missed Field Goals
 NONE        -
 Detroit Missed Field Goals
 NONE        -

Team Stat Comparison
 1st Downs25 25 
   3rd down efficiency1-7 5-15 
   4th down efficiency0-0 1-2 
 Total Yards481 331 
 Passing381 197 
   Comp-Att31-41 19-40 
   Yards per pass9.3 4.5 
 Rushing100 134 
   Rushing Attempts17 30 
   Yards per rush5.9 4.5 
 Penalties9-81 7-59 
 Sacks against0-0 4-27 
     Fumbles-lost2-1 0-0 
     Interceptions thrown
 Possession25:41 34:19 


Brett Favre sported a white T-shirt, carpenter's pants and a scruffy beard.

It was the only time he looked like just another guy on Thanksgiving.

Favre set a Green Bay record with 20 consecutive completions and finished with a season-high 381 yards and three touchdowns in the Packers' 37-26 victory over the slumping Detroit Lions.

''I threw it. They caught it,'' he said simply. ''Nothing spectacular.''

Yeah, right.

The three-time MVP put together another sensational performance that made the 38-year-old quarterback look as if he's back in his prime. Favre's seventh 300-yard game of the season matched a team mark he set in 1995.

''He's the greatest ever,'' Lions quarterback Jon Kitna said.

Green Bay (10-1) matched its best 11-game record since 1929 and the NFC North leaders took a four-game lead with five games left in the regular season. The Packers can improve their chances of earning home-field advantage if they win next week at Dallas - also 10-1 after manhandling the New York Jets 34-3 later Thursday.

''One game is not going to define us,'' Favre said. ''It may have some implications for the playoffs, but we can't worry about that right now.

''We're going to enjoy this one today.''

The Lions would love to forget it.

Detroit (6-5) lost its third straight game, making its playoff picture bleak because it would lose wild-card tiebreakers against the New York Giants, Washington, Philadelphia and Arizona.

''We aren't where we want to be, but we are where we need to be,'' Kitna said. ''We have to get to 10. Ten gets you in.''

Kitna said before the season he would be disappointed if Detroit didn't win at least 10 games. Now, the Lions might struggle to finish .500 with tough games left including matchups with Dallas at home and on the road against Green Bay and San Diego.

''There's no panic in my life,'' Detroit coach Rod Marinelli insisted. ''This is a tough challenge, but I believe in these players.''

Green Bay overcame a six-point deficit in the first quarter and Favre's pinpoint passes helped it lead 34-12 early in the fourth.

Just when Detroit looked as if it was going to be routed for the fourth straight time in its marquee game, Kitna connected with Calvin Johnson in the end zone and Kevin Jones scored to pull the Lions within eight.

Green Bay got the ball back with 6:34 left and took time off the clock, setting up Mason Crosby's third field goal to put the game out of reach with 1:44 to go.

Favre completed 31 of 41 passes, and his streak of 20 straight spanned the first and second halves to surpass the team record of 18 set by Lynn Dickey in 1983 and matched by Don Majkowski in 1989.

At one point, Green Bay called 17 straight pass plays.

''You never think he's going to miss one,'' Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said.

The streak ended when Koren Robinson was just out of bounds on a catch in the end zone.

''We blew it,'' Greg Jennings said.

Jennings caught two TD passes and Donald Driver had 10 receptions for 147 yards, enjoying another day that Favre is his quarterback.

''When I came in 1999, he was playing the same way he's playing now,'' Driver said.

Like a kid, Favre was fired up when he saw an available ice cream sandwich on a table after walking away from his news conference.

''Oh yeah,'' he said.

The only glaring mistake Favre made came after the first snap when a guard tripped him as he was trying to hand the ball off.

''Maybe I was a little slow coming out, but that's never happened,'' he said with a grin.

Ryan Grant had 101 yards rushing and a score after running for just 7 yards in the first half, helping Green Bay take time off the clock.

Kitna was 19-of-40 for 224 yards with a TD and an interception. Johnson had 83 yards receiving and a score. Jones added 93 yards rushing and a TD.

Too often, the Lions had to settle for field goals and Jason Hanson made each of his four attempts. They drove to the Packers 23 twice and their 32 on their first three drives, but came away with just two field goals.

''We didn't make plays in the red zone early in the game, and that was the difference,'' Kitna said.

The Lions finally played a game on Thanksgiving that meant something, but ended up losing for the fourth straight time to match their worst skid on the holiday in four decades. Under team president Matt Millen, they are 1-6 in the only game each season that the nation can watch on TV and have fallen to 33-33-2 overall.

''I don't have all the answers, but we have to get better,'' Jones said.

Scott's Game Commentary:

The Lions playoffs chances just went up in flames! The game could not have started off any better. The Offense controlled the clock and had it first and goal one inch from the endzone. But, in typical Lion fashion, Dominic Raiola had an illegal chop block penalty which led to a field goal. After the Favre fumbled the opening snap and the Offense got the ball back, Calvin Johnson dropped a potential touchdown pass. After the first quarter the Packers had no first downs and had the ball for only a few minutes. But, one Favre to Jennings play later in the beginning of the 2nd quarter and you knew the curse of years past was back. The Defense, which has played so great since the Philadelphia debacle, was just abysmal! Missed tackles and at one point allowing Favre to throw for a Packer record TWENTY consecutive passes. They had absolutely no answer for him the entire day. The Offense continued its struggles scoring touchdowns although they did run the ball better. They got two touchdowns in the 4th quarter but by that point the game was pretty much out of hand. The Defense had a chance to make a stop, but Favre carved them apart and a late field goal sealed the Lions fate. Only a few years ago, the Packers were 4-12 and looked to be in worse shape than the Lions. Now they are 10-1, the division locked up, and a very good chance at making the Super Bowl. What have they done in the past few years to turn it around? Draft wisely and sign free agents which is something Millen has no clue what he is doing. Just take a look at all the wasted picks in the past few years. The Drew Stanton pick last April was if not one of the worst picks of the draft. Just think if they could have drafted a starting tackle? But no, lets draft an injury riddled QB instead. The Lions season is going to disintegrate because they still lack the talent in many key positions and that falls squarely on Millen!


*Offense: --- D. The Offense for once was not the main reason the Lions lost the game although they certainly did not do their job, again! The first quarter was a masterpiece to the point where they had a key penalty or a dropped ball which made touchdowns into field goals. Good teams do not make mental mistakes like that. Everyone all week was calling for Calvin Johnson to get the ball more. Martz caved into the public pressure and Johnson saw the ball quite a bit. Although he had career highs in catches and yards, he had some huge drops which cost the Lions dearly. And did Martz forget about Roy Williams? Roy darted out of the Lions lockeroom and did not answer any questions. Frankly, I don't blame him for being pissed off. Kitna is starting to show he is nothing more than an average NFL QB at best. The Offensive Line is a complete joke and one of the worst in the league. Kevin Jones and the running game had a good game, but what good is it when you cannot score touchdowns. All in all, the Offense for the 3rd straight week has been a big disappointment.

*Defense: --- F. Definitely one of their worst performances this season. Father time turned back the clock and just butchered the Defense starting in the second quarter. How can the Defense allow him to complete twenty straight throws? It just shows how vulerable the Lions secondary is. Shaun Rogers was absent for the third straight game. Corey Redding, who signed that huge contract in the offseason once again was non existant. The Defense allowed Favre to sit in the pocket and have as much time as he liked to throw the ball. And Favre certainly took advantage of it.

*Special Teams: --- C. Hanson had four field goals and continues to be the only consistant Lion player thoughout the years. Nick Harris struggled punting. Aveion Cason had a nice return but if he was a little faster could have scored a touchdown. The Special Teams have not been the same since Chuck Preifer retired. Stan Kwan has to do a better job or he may be axed at the end of the season.

*Coaching: --- F. Each week i'm starting to wonder if Martz is indeed the offensive genious everyone says he is. To me, he continues to show how stubborn he is and why he may not be around next season. After ignoring Calvin Johnson all these weeks, they decide to throw to him non stop - one big problem, the forgot about the best WR on the team! How Roy Williams only had three catches is mind boggling. Does Terrell Owens and Randy Moss only have three receptions?The offensive play calling was way too conservative at times in the 1st quarter. And what is the point of running the ball when the situation says you should throw? Because people were bashing them for not running enough? Bottom line, this coaching staff has plenty to blame for the mess the Lions now find themselves in.

*Overall: --- F. This was the Lions chance on national television to show the world they were not frauds. Unfortunately, all they did was prove to everyone they are not a good football team. How many teams this year have they beaten with a better than .500 record? Try zero! Looking at their remaining schedule I will say they will be lucky to win one more game - Kansas City. Their next game is at Minnesota where they have not won in ten years. Adrian Peterson should be back and although the Lions can win this game, I wouldn't count on it. The following game is against the Cowboys. Unlike last seasons shocking win at Dallas, it will be payback time as Romo to TO will scortch the Lions secondary. And after that? A trip to the vastly under achieving San Diego Chargers. It is hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago where the honolulu blue and silver were 6-2 and finally earning respect. But a three game losing streak later, we can all rejoice our famous three words this time of year: Same Old Lions!

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