Detroit 13
 San Francisco sf.gif - 1920 Bytes 31


September 21, 2008Monster Park-Attendance: 67,249 (70,140) Time: 2:58
Scoring Summary
 SF TD 2:16 J.T. O'Sullivan pass completion to the right to Isaac Bruce for 6 yards for a touchdown.06
 SF PAT 2:16 Joe Nedney extra point attempt is good.07
 SF PAT 2:16 Joe Nedney extra point attempt is good.07
 SF TD 12:52 Frank Gore rush to the right for 4 yards for a touchdown.013
 SF PAT 12:52 Joe Nedney extra point attempt is good.014
 DET FG 7:23 Jason Hanson 44 yard field goal attempt is good.314
 SF TD 5:48 J.T. O'Sullivan pass completion to the left to Delanie Walker for 24 yards for a touchdown.320
 SF PAT 5:48 Joe Nedney extra point attempt is good.321
 DET FG 1:43 Jason Hanson 51 yard field goal attempt is good.621
 SF TD 9:31 Allen Rossum rush to the left for 1 yard for a touchdown.627
 SF PAT 9:31 Joe Nedney extra point attempt is good.628
 DET TD 6:57 Jon Kitna pass completion to the left to Rudi Johnson for 34 yards for a touchdown.1228
 DET PAT 6:57 Jason Hanson extra point attempt is good.1328
 SF FG 4:25 Joe Nedney 25 yard field goal attempt is good.1331

 Detroit Passing
 J. Kitna15/301464.911
 D. Orlovsky0/1001
 San Francisco Passing
 J. O'Sullivan16/231898.220
 Detroit Rushing
 R. Johnson14835.9027
 J. Kitna3196.3010
 K. Smith3144.709
 San Francisco Rushing
 F. Gore271304.8133
 J. O'Sullivan8324.0013
 D. Foster210.501
 A. Rossum111.011
 A. Battle11818.0018
 Detroit Receiving
 C. Johnson44010.0015
 R. Johnson34816.0134
 R. Williams2189.009
 M. Furrey284.005
 S. McDonald2136.508
 C. FitzSimmons144.004
 M. Gaines11515.0015
 San Francisco Receiving
 F. Gore4328.0011
 D. Walker34414.7124
 A. Battle3227.309
 I. Bruce2199.5113
 V. Davis11717.0017
 Z. Keasey11212.0012
 J. Morgan11818.0018
 B. Johnson12525.0025
 Detroit Tackles
 E. Sims131120-0
 P. Lenon7610-0
 A. Lewis6510-0
 D. Smith6420-0
 D. Bullocks5410-0
 C. Smith4401-1
 J. DeVries3300-0
 L. Bodden3300-0
 B. Kelly2200-0
 R. Nece4220-0
 C. Redding2200-0
 K. Pearson4220-0
 T. Fisher1100-0
 C. Darby1100-0
 G. Alexander1100-0
 D. Muhlbach1100-0
 L. Moore1100-0
 S. Cody1100-0
 K. Smith1100-0
 A. McCollum1100-0
 San Francisco Tackles
 N. Clements5500-0
 W. Harris4400-0
 P. Willis6420-0
 J. Hill3300-0
 R. Green3302-4
 M. Lewis4310-0
 J. Smith4311-12
 R. McDonald2200-0
 K. Balmer2200-0
 J. Morgan2200-0
 I. Sopoaga3210-0
 M. Roman2200-0
 T. Brown2200-0
 A. Franklin3210-0
 P. Haralson3211-6
 D. Goldson1100-0
 R. Smith1100-0
 K. Lewis1100-0
 J. Ulbrich1100-0
 T. Spikes2110-0
 M. Lawson1010-0
 Detroit Interceptions
 San Francisco Interceptions
 J. Smith10000
 T. Brown111.010
 Detroit Punting
 N. Harris523947.82
 Team 523947.82
 San Francisco Punting
 A. Lee4148373
 Team 414837.03
 Detroit Punt Returns
 M. Furrey18880
 San Francisco Punt Returns
 A. Rossum33812.7140
 Detroit Kickoff Returns
 B. Middleton614023.3420
 San Francisco Kickoff Returns
 A. Rossum37123.7250
 A. Battle12828280
 Detroit Fumbles
 R. Johnson1000
 J. Kitna1000
 B. Middleton1000
 San Francisco Fumbles
 Detroit Missed Field Goals
 NONE        -
 San Francisco Missed Field Goals
 J. Nedney43

Team Stat Comparison
 1st Downs14 25 
   3rd down efficiency5-13 5-13 
   4th down efficiency1-1 1-1 
 Total Yards240 370 
 Passing124 188 
   Comp-Att15-31 16-23 
   Yards per pass3.5 7.8 
 Rushing116 182 
   Rushing Attempts20 39 
   Yards per rush5.8 4.7 
 Penalties9-61 3-30 
 Sacks against4-22 1-1 
     Fumbles-lost3-0 0-0 
     Interceptions thrown
 Possession24:06 35:54 


If last season's offensively inept 49ers had somehow managed to get to the Detroit 1, they would have kicked an easy field goal on fourth down without hesitation.

Mike Martz's 49ers coolly called a timeout, then scored the decisive touchdown with a beautiful end-around run by kick returner Allen Rossum, of all people.

The Lions thought Martz was part of their problem last year. So far in San Francisco, coach Mike Nolan's offensive mastermind has been the solution for the Niners' years of awfulness.

Frank Gore rushed for 130 yards and a touchdown, and Martz's new offense methodically chewed up his former team's defense in the 49ers' 31-13 victory over Detroit on Sunday.

Isaac Bruce and Delanie Walker caught TD passes from J.T. O'Sullivan, who went 16-for-23 for 189 yards as San Francisco improved to 2-1 for the second straight season - but with much more reason to think its tiny winning record might mean something.

''We've got so much stuff in our offense now,'' said Gore, sounding like a kid describing what's under the Christmas tree. ''It felt so great to move the ball like that. The pass game is a whole lot better, and the more we throw the ball, the better it is for me in the running game. It's going to be crazy all year. We're going to do a lot of good things.''

Martz joined San Francisco a few days after Detroit fired him as the scapegoat for the Lions' second-half collapse in 2007. He has brought immediate respectability to the 49ers, who had the NFL's worst offense in two of the past three seasons.

The 49ers essentially put it away with a 12-play, 77-yard drive stretching into the fourth quarter. Nolan sent out his field goal unit on fourth down, but called a timeout and decided to let Martz go for it.

Rossum took a handoff and outran Detroit's defense to the corner, diving to reach the end zone.

''We practice that play once a week, if that,'' said Rossum, another Niners newcomer. ''I guess that was the perfect time to use it.''

San Francisco gained 370 total yards against the Lions, just 4 fewer than San Francisco managed in any game last year.

Detroit is headed into its bye week with its fourth 0-3 start in eight years - no surprise for a team with seven consecutive losing seasons and the NFL's worst record over the last eight years.

Rudi Johnson rushed for 84 yards and turned a short catch into a late 34-yard TD for the Lions, who fell behind 21-3 after facing a 21-0 hole in both of their first two games. Jon Kitna passed for 146 yards on his 36th birthday for the Lions, but the veteran hobbled off the field after Parys Haralson sacked him with 1:50 to play.

Kitna sprained his right knee, and Detroit didn't immediately know how long he might be out.

''I just got beat up all day,'' said Kitna, who went 15-for-30. ''The play at the end was a culmination of four or five hits. ... We're built to run the football, not (throw it) and get easy completions. That's not very effective when you're down by that many points.''

Roy Williams had just two catches for 18 yards, and Calvin Johnson didn't make the first of his four receptions until the third quarter. Rudi Johnson looked good while getting most of the snaps in place of rookie Kevin Smith, but Detroit managed just 67 total yards in the first half and couldn't catch up.

''We're working, and the preparation's been good,'' coach Rod Marinelli said. ''For whatever reason, the coaches and players aren't executing. We didn't get it done. They're fundamental things that we as a staff and players didn't get done.''

Martz's 49ers looked good almost from their opening series. Gore's 33-yard run late in the first quarter set up an easy TD catch by Bruce - the 85th of his career, but the first with the 49ers after 14 seasons with the Rams.

Martz called a double end-around on San Francisco's third series, and Arnaz Battle took it 18 yards. Gore finished that drive with a 4-yard TD run early in the second quarter despite juggling the pitchout for a frantic moment.

After Jason Hanson hit the first of his two field goals for Detroit, O'Sullivan replied with three long passes for 72 yards, culminating in Walker's 24-yard catch down the middle.

After Rossum's run, the Lions finally scored on Johnson's 34-yard romp after a short catch with 6:57 left. But Hanson's terrible onside kick was returned by Battle to the Detroit 12, setting up a field goal.

Notes: San Francisco CB Tarell Brown had his first career interception. ... O'Sullivan was sacked 12 times in the 49ers' first two games, but just once by Detroit. ... Lions rookie RT Gosder Cherilus started in place of George Foster, who was benched in the second half of last week's game. ... Lions RG Stephen Peterman broke his hand.

Scott's Game Commentary:

Wave the white flag! The 2008 season is offically over and one can only hope that means the Millen regime as well. This team is an utter disgrace to call itself an NFL football team. Fortunately, the Ryder Cup was on at the same time so I did not have to torture myself through another 60 minutes of watching the worst team in the NFL. Although I will continue to update this page like I have for the past 13 seasons, I am getting tired of saying the same old thing after each and every game. What should I say about their third straight loss? At least they did not fall behind 21-0 although it was 21-3 at one point. The Defense has gotten worse than it was last year - if that is possible. Will Marinelli fire his brother in law who is in over his head? That is like asking William Clay Ford to fire Matt Millen - it is not going to happen. How about Martz coming up with a run orientated game plan? San Francisco ran the ball for 182 yards on 39 carries - when was the last time the Lions put up numbers like that on the ground? Even if they had Frank Gore it would not matter since their offensive line is a complete joke. John Kitna keeps regressing every week and its only a matter of time before he becomes another Lions QB victim. Roy Williams had two catches for 18 yards and is off to by far his worst NFL season. The entire team from top to bottom has been a complete failure and this definitely is by far the worst possible start imaginable for the Lions. The first three games should have been W's with a mediocre team. If the Lions win more than two games, I will be suprised at the current pace. As I and many others have been saying for countless years - the Lions will remain the biggest laughing stock in professional sports until the worst GM ever in the history of the game finally comes to his senses he is a complete failure at what he does. Until this happens, I am through supporting this team - anyone that wants to buy my season tickets can find every single game on the Lions Ticket Exchange. Thank goodness they have a bye week coming up - at least they have two weeks to come up with a way to see if they can hold their opponents under 30 points.


*Offense: --- F. The passing game was non existant, the offensive line is a complete joke and the running game was no where to be found until the game was out of hand. Rudi Johnson looked good in mop up time. Where has this offense been in the 1st half for the first three games? I honestly think Mike Martz was the reason they struggled last year - you know he has the biggest grin right now.

*Defense: --- F-. What more is there to say about a unit that does not know how to tackle, is filled with over the hill reserves that were good in the Tampa 2 several years ago, and is on pace to give up the most points in NFL history?

*Special Teams: --- C. Jason Hanson is the only constant from a team that is severely lacking in talent thanks to having a GM that has in over his head when it comes to drafting and signing free agents.

*Coaching: --- F. Marinelli is in over his head and any sane owner would blow this disgrace of a team up and let it burn. Until that happens, the Lions will remain the laughingstock they have been for the past seven seasons.

*Overall: --- F. My apathy set in after the 21-0 start against the Packers and I no longer get upset after a loss - it has been more comical than anything. It just burns me to death that William Clay Ford just accepts this losing culture for what it is. Any owner with half a brain would have cleaned the slate a long time ago. I hate to say it, but nothing is ever going to change unless the fans stop showing up. If I am a betting man, we will see our first Ford Field blackout in two weeks against the Bears. What is the point wasting an afternoon at Ford Field when you know the chances leaving in a good mood are next to none. Fortunately I have my Spartans to fall back on and they will be getting my undivided football attention going forward.

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