2003 Game Recaps and Commentary


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SEP. 7: Arizona (24) at Detroit (42)

SEP. 14: Detroit (06) at Green Bay (31)

SEP. 21: Minnesota (23) at Detroit (13)

SEP. 28: Detroit (16) at Denver (20)

OCT. 5: Detroit (17) at San Francisco (24)

OCT. 19: Dallas (38) at Detroit (07)

OCT. 26: Detroit (16) at Chicago (24)

NOV. 2: Oakland (13) at Detroit (23)

NOV. 9: Chicago (10) at Detroit (12)

NOV. 16: Detroit (14) at Seattle (35)

NOV. 23: Detroit (14) at Minnesota (24)

NOV. 27: Green Bay (14) at Detroit (22)

DEC. 7: San Diego (14) at Detroit (07)

DEC. 14: Detroit (17) at Kansas City (45)

DEC. 21: Detroit (14) at Carolina (20)

DEC. 28: St. Louis (20) at Detroit (30)

2003 Pre-Season Commentary
8/31/03: Fortunately for the Lions, they were able to land Olandis Gary from the Buffalo Bills or they would have the worst running game in the NFL. Since Stewart's contract is up after this year, he has played his last game in a Lions uniform. Stewart had big shoes to fill after #20 decided to skip town and gave the Lions some good seasons while he was healthy. Unfortunately, his injuries got the best of him and he never earned his $5 million dollar / year. The Lions needed a faster and younger running back, and they definitely got that with Olandis Gary. I had never heard of Olandis Gary until he smoked the Lions for 174 yards in that pathetic Christmas Day game in 1999. The Lions were pursuing Gary in the offeason, but he opted to sign with the Bills since Stewart was still the Lions #1 running back. What this means for the Lions is they have some potentially good running backs, but not one has played a minute in the regular season in a Lions uniform. It will be long year for the running core, but if Rogers and the rest of the recivers flourish, it will definitely open up some holes for the running game.

2003 Pre-season Commentary
Before the annual injury bug decided to bite the Lions early this year, I actually thought this team had a chance of reaching the .500 plateau. Unfortuantely, that is out the window now with the loss of starting CB Chris Cash and RB James Stewart. Is there any team in the NFL that is more cursed than the Lions when it comes to injuries? Injuries aside, we saw signs that Harrington and the receiving core could help the Lions offense recover from their pitiful 2002 display. Charles Rogers is going to be one of the best WR's in the NFL if he can learn to make the "easy" catches. If he can, it will help Schroeder, Hakim and Anderson. As mentioned above, the running game is going to be big question mark. If Gary stays healthy, he could help the Lions more than a healthy James Stewart would have. I'm still in the minority of people who think the Lions should not of drafted Joey Harrington last year, and will stick to my word. Mike McMahon would have done no worse last year and shows signs of being a productive NFL QB. Hopefully, Joey will prove me wrong! As for the defense, it was nice to see the old geyers Lyght and Davis retire. It was ashame to see Chris Cash go out with that injury. Hopefully, Andre Goodman can step in and lets hope Drey Bly doesn't spend most of his time injured on the bench. This is a big year for Robert Porcher to show his skills are not fading after a couple of disappointing seasons.

With Mooch running the show, it is evident that this team is more organized and has a different attitude. But, let's not kid ourselves: this team has won just five games the past two years and hasn't won a road game since 2001. But, I expect that to change and the Lions should give opposing teams trouble at Ford Field and finally win a few games on the road.

Scott's 2003 Prediction: 7-9

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