2007 Game Recaps and Commentary


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Sep. 9: Detroit (36) at Oakland (21)

Sep. 16: Minnesota (17) at Detroit (20)

Sep. 23: Detroit (21) at Philadelphia (56)

Sep. 30: Chicago (27) at Detroit (37)

Oct. 7: Detroit (03) at Washington (34)

Oct. 21: Tampa Bay (16) at Detroit (23)

Oct. 28: Detroit (16) at Chicago (07)

Nov. 4: Denver (07) at Detroit (44)

Nov. 11: Detroit (21) at Arizona (31)

Nov. 18: NY Giants (16) at Detroit (10)

Nov. 22: Green Bay (37) at Detroit (26)

Dec. 2: Detroit (10) at Minnesota (42)

Dec. 9: Dallas (28) at Detroit (27)

Dec. 16: Detroit (14) at San Diego (51)

Dec. 23: Kansas City (20) at Detroit (25)

Dec. 30: Detroit (13) at Green Bay (34)

My Final Season Commentary

The Lions were 3-13 last year but they only got blown out on two occassions. This year it was a completely different story as six of their eight road losses were by double digits or more. Twice they gave up 50 points. They had a negative running game and the list goes on and on. But, they did start the season off on a right note going 6-2 but that was quite fraudulant as they finished 1-7. After the Denver game I truly believed this years team could make the playoffs for the first time in the Millen era. But after the blown chances against the Giants, I knew the season was about to unravel. Even though the Lions had their best season since 2000, do not be fooled - the way this season finished makes it worse than last years! But, in the end Millen will be around to screw up another draft and we will go through all the same BS in 2008. As I have been stating year after year, nothing will ever change until Millen is gone. He is the one that has blown draft after draft and brought in free agents that have turned out to be flops. And lets not forget trading Dre Bly for George Foster and Tatem Bell - two players that were inactive near the end because they were so awful. I will never understand why the Fords think Millen will turn this team around. But as I said last year and I will again right now - it is what it is. The 2008 season will probably see the Lions go 5-11 or 6-10. Kitna will continue to throw interceptions and make mistakes, the running game is in shambles, the secondary is the worst in the league, Shaun Rogers will most likely be traded - shall I go on? No, i'll stop on this last day of 2007 and wish everyone a happy new year. Thank goodness another Lions season is over. Thanks again for reading my commentary and game grades and I look forward to doing the same in 2008 - longer than any Lions website on the Internet.

The 2007 honolulu blue and silver should definitely be improved over the 3-13 squad from a year ago. The addition of Calvin Johnson should give the Lions a deadly passing game assuming Kitna stays healthy. If he goes out for any period of time, the Lions are doomed. The Defense should be better but that is all dependent on Shaun Rogers staying healthy. Given all the bad luck this team has endured the past several years, I think they are do for some breaks. If the Lions can stay healthy, eliminate the costly penalties and most importantly finish games, they should have a realistic chance of finally getting back to the .500 plateau.

Scott's 2007 Prediction: 8-8

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